Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A card for Sam!

I'm a little late in making this, but it was well worth it. Please click here if you would like more information about Sam and his battle with cancer.Let's send as many cards of encouragement for this brave boy! I hope he likes it! I love cowboy themed anything- had a theme like this for my daughter's 4th B-day!! I'm going to enter it it the Sweet Stampin Challenge #29 (Boys and their toys) and the Simon Says Challenge (Father's Day/For a Male)
So, does anybody want to hear about my trials and tribulations in the city yesterday? Well, actually only one LAMO thing happened to me in the Costco parking lot. I was unpacking my groceries and was loading a can of coffee that my MOM had requested. It somehow slipped and ended falling on my big toe below the nail. Well, I just about passed out-I got that warm hot fuzzy feeling and I put my head down right away and learned up against the side of my car. I felt like puking it hurt so much. Anyway, a guy taps me on the shoulder and says, "Excuse me, is this your coffee? Are you okay?" It had rolled across the parking lot!!LOL. So I bolted upright, and said "Uh, yah, thanks, I'm kind of having some bad luck-it fell on my toe-Thanks" And, I turned away and tried to unlock the driver's side of my car, lifted the handle-nothing! I press on my keyless entry again, lift the handle-nothing! Now, I'm starting to freak!! So, this guy was still around I guess and he says "M'am, isn't that your car?" He points to the car to my left, with the hatch open, full of groceries!!! I was trying to get into a silver Toyota Matrix!!! Lamo-My car is a Siver Equinox-same build, color. Now that is one my biggest LAMO moves in a while. When my embarassment finally passed, I had a good laugh-when I was in Scanterbury!!! Have a great day!! XXX Trish


  1. great card for Sam.......he will love it!
    xxx Margreet

  2. this is a super card for a little boy Sam will love it xx

  3. Hope your toe is okay sounds painful! This card is so fun, love all the dp - the bandana type, desert and cowboy so clever, Sam will be super psyched!

  4. I think Sam will love this card. Kathleen x

  5. BWAHhh....haaahha.....sorry, I'm still laughing! So sorry to hear your story, but seriously, I needed a good laugh. This is a great card! He will love it. And I will post your candy shortly!

  6. Fabulous card :-) I am sure he will love it :-)

    I hope your toe is OK xx but your story is so funny, I have had a good laugh :-)

    thanks for joining the Simon Says Stamp Challenge :-)

    Lols x x x

  7. super sympa j'adore tout ces petits détails trop chou biz


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