Friday, May 7, 2010

Recycled-Tooth Fairy!

Hey all! It's Prairie Fairy Friday today! Here is my"recycled"creation: A tooth holder for my daughter, who is so desperately awaiting her two front teeth to fall out. They've been wiggly for months, but nothing's budging! She commented that the tooth on my card looked yellow-out of the mouth's of babes! So my recycled items are the CD case, and a little organza bag that I got a silver ring in from the Forks Market. Oh yah, and the to/from tag is from my daughter's project that she made at Roberta's card making workshop, this past Feb. (te he!)I just took the holder apart, added new papers, attached the bag and voilà! TIP: I got this from Papertrey Ink-keep your cling stamps in CD Cases(EZ mount can only go on one side). Neat, huh? Or, am I the only mushroom here? Have a great day!!:)


  1. It's perfect Trisha! Love the purple. Chase is still waiting on his first tooth to fall out, he'll be 7 in a few weeks! Once those front ones go it seems like months before they come in! I'm off to the city for Dr. rush rush rush!

  2. Hi Trisha! First of all...LOVE your blog design!!! Next, Congrats on the GDT! And last, your project ROOOOCCCKKSSS!!! I love how you did the tooth fairy image and added the little bag! AWWWWWWWWW It's ADORABLE!

  3. I like your creation for Kennedy!! Now you can make three more for me!!!LOL Jolene

  4. Whoo hoo! This is absolutely adorable Trisha. Make two more for me! HE HE!



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