Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Goin' Green

Bonjour everyone! I was in the city yesterday for a really good French inservice, then got lots of goodies at Michael's (stay tuned... upcoming candy!!!) and then made my way down to St.Vital Centre to meet up with my sister. OMG, it was crazy!!! Bath and Body Works just opened up yesterday and the mall was crawling with people. I walked in to snoop, could barely move, then realized that the people standing outside of the store were waiting in line to pay!! Insane-so I walked out and told my sis about it, who luckily was getting her hair cut. So if u love BBW products like me, wait a while before entering the store. Just thought I'd share that tidbit with you gals. I really enjoyed making this card. Maybe, it's because I have shades of these colors in my house. The cute little boy image is from Digi Stamp Boutique.I'm entering this in Friday Sketchers, Sketch#99. Hope u like it!


  1. salut Trisha, ton style me plait beaucoup merci pour ta visite et ton gentil message

  2. Tu es chouette Fabiola! Merci gros!:))

  3. This card is cute, I wish someone would bring me! Love the greens! LMAO about the helping hand card, yep great minds think
    Saw your christmas DT card OMG super fantabulous!!!!


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