Saturday, April 24, 2010

OMG!!! I won!!

Woohoo! OMG you guys-I cannot believe this!! You are now looking at a winner at Susie and Vicki's week 13 challenge!! I am truly so honored and so happy right now-the fact that my nose is a leaking faucet right now is not deterring from my awesome mood!! Thank you to you gals who've helped me with your encouraging words and for the genuine support(P.F.)! I love it! I was going to wait until Sunday to post this, but I'll do it now. I'm entering Prairie Fairy Fridays challenge - theme: distressing with this card. I'm so hooked on inking everything on the sides. Can't sew with my machine, so I ink!!! Lori and Roberta, you both know that great minds think alike right? I love the card and box at Susie and Vicki's (awesome colors-makes mine look harsh.LOL)!! Now, answer me this everyone, do I need to put some candy out there to get more followers or do I enter as many challenges as possible? I truly appreciate your feedback! Enjoy your day-I know I will. Cheers!!:)


  1. Woohoo! congrats on the win, told you - you weren't out of your element. And this is another fabulous creation, love the dark tones! Isn't this just a fabulous image! As for followers, you'll be up there in no time. I haven't posted Candy before now, so can't answer how much that helps. But definitely keep doing what you're doing and they will follow!

  2. Trisha.......SHUT UP. This card is SUPER FANTASTIC! However, might I recommend to take this post down, add a "Peace, Joy or Noel" saying and you are in for this weeks challenge as well (at Susie & Vikkis). haha, just a thought. As for candy & followers.....I got some pretty dedicated followers from my first candy, but when you are as talented as yourself (& Lori), you won't need candy girl!! You are doing so AWESOME!!! Have fun crafting. (PS- I got a $15.00 mini-sewing machine [straight lines only-can work on batteries or plug in] at a place in Wpg. I;ll keep my eye open for you if you like- those big old kick ass sewing machines scare me! lol

  3. Trisha, fabulous card. I would say both ideas will help generate followers. I understand you are a guest designer at PF Designs very soon, that will attract some attention as well.

  4. Wahoo wahooo! But of course with a card like this! How funny that image is plastered all over their blog this week! HE HE!




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